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Máy Chiết Rót CGF8-8-3

Washingfillingcapping3-in-1 monobloc

2. Suit the bottle type:


Round bottle and square PET bottle


polyester bottle standard

bottle diameter




Bottle neck diameterΦ20Φ35mm


Cap typesuitable

Plastic Screw Cap

polyester cap standard

Outside diameter:Φ25Φ35mm

Cap height: H1525mm

3. Main technical parameters:





Washing 8filling 8capping 3

Filling principle

Normal temperature  

gas consumption   0.6mpa(Customer prepare owner)



Main power   1.5kw  

Cap unscrambler motor0.09kw

Washing pump  0.37kw  

Filling pump    0.37kw

Conveyor motor 0.55kw  

Air conveyor motor  0.75kw



Sản xuất bởi


Usage: washing, filling and capping 3 in 1 monoblock is used for filling juice into PET bottle. Full automatically; it can finish washing (bottle), filling and capping three jobs in the one machine.

Primary features:

1) Compact conformation, good shape, cozy operation, excellent automaticity and poor labor intensity.

2) Only exchanging “star wheel”, ”feeding screw” and “arc guide plate” while  exchanging model of bottle to be need.

3) The all parts directly contacted with media are all adopted with food stage stainless steel without dead angle, so they can be cleaned easily.

4) Adopting advanced valve to control the inlet flow rate of liquids. It can keep the slight turbulence of liquids level in the solution barrel and ensure the accuracy in filling.

5) Closing feeding valve automatically while no bottle on machine avoiding the loss of aqueous feet. Filling automatically with a high speed and the control of liquids level is accurate.

6) High filling speed and mass flow rate, high precision of filling valve and control of liquids level is accurate and without loss.

7) The “capping head” is adopted magnetic-constant-torque device to ensure the high capping quality and without damages.

8) Adopting efficient cap settling system which carried perfect cap feeding and protection device.

9) It is adopted spiral descent fashion for the support plate for bottom of bottle at the outlet thumb wheel. And to adjust the input height is not necessary for exchanging model of bottle.

10) carried the perfect protection system to overload; it can be used to protect facilities and operators efficiently.

11) Because of applying touch screen for operation, it is possible to realize man-machine conversation whereas the status of device running is clear at a glance.

12) The primary electric components such as touch screenPLC ransducer etc. are all adopted with world famous products.

Main parameter:

1) Model: 8-8-3

2Washing heads quantity: 8 pieces

3) Filling heads quantity: 8 pieces

4) Capping heads quantity: 3

5) Applicable bottle: diameter 50100height 150320

6) Air supply pressure: 0.6 Mpa

7) Rinsing water consumption: 0.8Ton/hour

8) Power consumption: 3.63kw

9) Weight: 1500kg

10) Dimension (L×W×H):1880*1480*1810mm

1.Quality conform to the enterprise standard requirements;

2.Provide equipment and responsible for installation, debugging to qualified products, normal acceptance, into the production status.

3.Responsible for the equipment layout design, process design

4.Provide the normal equipment training,train for 2-3 technician to master the production process and maintain the equipment.(train in our company)

 5.Quality guarantee for one year,  in the guarantee period unless normal cause,our company is responsible for all parts. 6Lifelong service, in the guarantee period, such as equipment failure, our company will send someone to service, maintenance spare parts and other outsourcing is not higher than the market price.

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